Research projects and collaborations

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Research projects and collaborations

A number of our staff undertake externally-funded research projects and engage in collaborations with external partners. Our staff have been successful in attracting funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), a number of European programmes, the British Academy and other funders. 

  • Dr Steve Cannon
    (European cinema, politics and commitment, Godard)

  • Visiting Prof. Christine Gledhill

  • Professor Emerita Julia Knight
    (moving image distribution, exhibition, promotion, archiving, digital distribution)

  • Dr Alex Lockwood
    (critical animal studies, vegan practice, critical/creative writing)

  • Dr Caroline Mitchell
    (community/participatory media practices, translational radio, women and radio)

  • Professor Shaun Moores
    (uses of new media, everyday cultures, non-representational approaches)

  • Professor Clarissa Smith
    (sexually explicit media, sexual cultures, text and audiences)

  • Dr Susan Smith
    (film musical, voice/performance/stardom, animation, children's cinema)

For more information about our research activity, please consult our researchers' profile pages, Journals, as well as our past and forthcoming events listings.

We also actively develop links with overseas institutions in the form of staff or students exchange programmes, Visiting Professorship appointments and collaborative research projects. Over the years we have enjoyed such links with universities in Austria (Vienna), China (CUC, Henan and Wuhan), Germany (Bielefeld, Bochum, Bremen and Paderborn), Spain (Murcia) and the USA (Texas).