Staff at a seminar

Research seminars

CRMCS hosts a fortnightly research seminar series every year, which presents a range of external speakers, both national and international. We also regularly host or jointly organise academic conferences and symposia.

All events are held in the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies: 

The Barbour Room (233)
The Media Centre
The Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter's
5:30 – 7:00pm

For more information on any of these events and seminars, please contact Professor Clarissa Smith.

Semester 1

10 October 2016
Simone Natale (Loughborough University)
There are no old media

24 October 2016
Alex Lockwood, Trish Winter, Martin Shingler (University of Sunderland)
Vegan studies, Mapping local culture and New film histories

7 November 2016
Steve Cannon and Silvia Caramella (University of Sunderland)
Home movies and stardom: a case study of Juan Belmonte's domestic film archive

28 November 2016
Bruce Mutsvairo (Northumbria University)
Cyber-activism in Africa: opportunities and threats 1

2 December 2016
Giovanna Maina (University of Sardinia) and Frederico Zecca (University of Bari)
Porn in the hub: the social economy of pornographic tubes

Semester 2

30 January 2017
Sam Summers (University of Sunderland)
Performers in pixel suits: actors as sites of intertextuality in DreamWorks animation

20 February 2017
Mark Duffet (University of Chester)
Things that go punk in the night: popular culture and the Enfield Poltergeist

27 February 2017
Debra Ferreday (University of Lancaster)
What doesn't kill you makes you stranger: the queer temporalities of survival as superpower in Marvel's Jessica Jones

20 March 2017
Susanna Paasonen (University of Turku, Finland)
Pleasure and possibility: reframing sex through play

27 March 2017
Kate Fox (University of Leeds)
A funny turn: performing northernness, class and gender in stand-up

8 May 2017
Andy Crisell (Emeritus Professor, University of Sunderland)
British broadcasting: an historical and philosophical overview

22 May 2017
Eleonora Belfiore (Loughborough University)
Who is cultural policy for? The politics of cultural value

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