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Institute of Arts and Creative Industries postgraduate research students

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Arts and Creative Industries postgraduate research students

James Forsyth Anderson, PhD Research Media

My research is about subversive aesthetics in vernacular art forms, as embodied in the ‘radical’ mediums of punk and pornography. This research project, currently titled Punk, Porn, and Politics, marks a critical consideration within the context of subcultures; specifically, the project examines aesthetic interactions under global capitalism, meditating on forms of critique and resistance.


Ruth Ann Brenner, PhD Research Art and Design

My research aims to address the gap in current knowledge regarding clay and the corporeal act of making.  Using research by contemporary anthropologists and philosophers as an academic framework and an artistic practice where material exploration and the process of making are central; I will explore what is meant by corporeality and the bodily, both physical and mental, acts of making.


Roland Hans-Peter Buckingham, PhD Research Art and Design

My research is about calligraphy as an embodied practice. I will be studying the relationships of the body and writing in Chinese calligraphy and then, through a cross-cultural practice-led research method, investigating the possibilities of such relationships existing in Western calligraphy.


Rene Alberto Garcia Cepeda, PhD Research Art and Design 

My research is about how we can improve the curation and display of interactive new media art in order to facilitate the creation of new exhibitions of interactive new media art so the form becomes further established within the art historical canon.


Wendy Gers, PhD by Existing Work Art and Design PT

My research is about manifestations of Ubuntu, decolonial research and curatorial practice in modern and contemporary ceramics. This Doctor of Philosophy degree by existing published or creative work focusses on my recent publication, 'Scorched Earth' (Jacana Media, 2016) and the Post-colonialism? exhibition, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Israel, 2016/2017.


Adam McDade, PhD Research Art and Design

My research is about enriching both academic understanding and professional practice of contemporary Western Tattooing. Combining autoethnography and practice, my part-time research is undertaken within the internationally award-winning ‘Triplesix Studios’, where I work as a tattooist. The research aims to elucidate the process of cultural production, while investigating how tattooing may be explored in a broader art/design context.


Helen Mary McGhie, PhD Research Art and Design

My research is about the cultural connectedness of astronomy and photography and their shared fascination with darkness, which I’m investigating to give visual form to the gender disparities in science. In partnership with Kielder Observatory (Northumberland), I will use contemporary photographic practice to engage ‘stargazing’ audiences with unconventional imaginative experiences.


Simeon Edward Lawrence Soden, PhD Research Art and Design

My research explores explores how the emergent technology of Blockchain (the network technology behind “bitcoin” and other cryptocurrencies) can be used to create a new, decentralised and fair marketplace for musicians as well it’s uses for larger music organisations such as Sage Gateshead.


Stamatios Schizakis, PhD Research Art and Design

My research is about new media art that was practised and produced in Greece from the early seventies to the early nineties and all relevant discourse and the methodology of this research involves the compilation of an archive on the subject of art and technology as well as conducting a series of oral history type interviews.


Georgia Louise Smithson, PhD Research Art and Design

My research is about how new media can be used to develop international distribution networks, and new economic models for a regional contemporary art organisation? My research will investigate current models from the curating of digital art, fine art and design to inform economic policies for small regional art organisations.


Angela Diane Tait, PhD Research Art and Design

My research is about creative practice and how it interacts with our domestic obligations. I am investigating the rhythm of our domestic ritual and questioning whether this has an affect on the process or aesthetics of ceramic production.


Yuyuan Zhang, PhD Glass and Ceramics

My research is about exploration of Narrative in 3D scene setting inside sand-cast glass. The project is the world of dreams reshaping, and show the story plot in a solid glass. Putting pre-cast glass objects into hot glass, and build 3D imagery scene with different inclusions.


Nick Mapletoft, Professional Doctorate

My research is based around the University Centre Quayside, a boutique provider of higher education provision through degree apprenticeships. This includes undertaking a critical review of the strategic and operational challenges in service delivery of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship. This mode-2 focussed study will provide a contribution to practice to the higher education work-based learning community.


Dena Bagi, PhD Research Art and Design

My research explores how the gallery can become an effective learning environments for vulnerable participants to engage with clay as ‘wellbeing’ tool/medium. Using my methods as a pedagogical designer, I wish to curate a learning framework that enables others to effectively engage participants on health journeys with clay. Specifically, I am researching the work of ceramists that can alter or improve communities with their practice, and considering how these methods may help those building new lives without substances.

The research is collaborative, and works alongside The British Ceramics Biennial and The Crafts Council UK. 


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