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Institute of Education and Society

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The Institute of Education and Society

The Institute of Education and Society works in the academic, applied and professionally orientated fields of education and social sciences which have applications to professional practice, pedagogy and social and public policy. We also work in the academic fields of English, criminology, history, languages, politics and sociology. The Institute leads the application of research to teaching, research’s contribution to the Teaching Excellence Framework and the Faculty’s policy of research contributing directly and explicitly to teaching.

The Institute aims to provide a resource and infrastructure framework which will:

  • Allow our research to impact directly through research and consultancy and indirectly through its contribution to curriculum development, teaching and professional provision
  • Support wider staff engagement in research and maintain quality in our postgraduate student community
  • Build our capacity to improve our performance in future research assessment exercises
  • Improve financial sustainability

Our research helps solve the most challenging social, cultural, technical, and health-related problems and influences educational and pedagogical policy and practice. The Institute reflects the University’s Strategic Plan in our vision: 

  • We will change lives by being recognised worldwide for the quality and impact of our research
  • We will create knowledge as the faculty of choice for those who wish to research in our fields
  • We will make tomorrow by providing an exceptional, student-centred experience which is based on internationally significant research
  • We will break boundaries by undertaking pioneering research in under-researched areas, making our research a source of pride for our staff, friends and students
  • We will shape futures by building on our reputation in academic, professional and social engagement to enhance our standing as a Faculty that educates citizens for lives of consequence

The research institute is led by Dr Lynne McKenna and houses two main centres for research activity in the Faculty:

  • The Centre for Education, Applied Social Science and Pedagogical Research
  • The Centre for Humanities Research
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Centre for Education, Applied Social Science and Pedagogy Research

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