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Institute of Health Sciences and Wellbeing postgraduate research students

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Institute of Health Sciences and Wellbeing postgraduate research students

Promise Ifeanyichukwu Ucheka, PhD Research Nursing and Health Sciences

My research is exploring whether using a behavioural intervention (health coaching) as a common risk factor approach to manage diabetes mellitus can prevent and/or manage periodontal disease in people living with type 2 diabetes.


Foluke Stella Bosun-Arije, PhD Research PHW

My Research is about investigating and analysing the nursing perspectives of the binary role of environment as challengers and drivers of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) management in Lagos, Nigeria. This research adopts an ecological stance in investigating the geo-political and cultural contexts of healthcare systems that influence T2DM management in Nigeria.


Paula Bradley, PhD Research Nursing and Health Sciences

My research is about head and neck cancer risk assessment tools in primary care.  I will be looking at existing tools and exploring whether there is an appetite for one in the area of head and neck cancer. Predictive modelling will be attempted using a primary care patient record database.


Ellen-Alyssa Fiona Gambles, PhD Research Sport and Leisure

My research is about examining the use of PE teachers’ engagement with the Teaching Games for Understanding approach, underpinned by Occupational Socialisation Theory. My research interests include games-based approaches to pedagogy with a focus on implementing them in schools.


Elizabeth Jayne Henry, PhD Research Psychology

My research is about how the places we spend time in contribute to our well-being. My area of focus within Environmental Psychology is whether the potential for a place to be used as a health-promotion resource is influenced by the bonds and attachments we have with it.


Kourosh Kouchakpour, PhD Research PHW

My research is about the students’ experiences of participation in learning in higher education using a qualitative case study to understand how institutional policies and practices in conflation with socio-cultural dynamics re/shape students’ participation in learning.


Li Key Yeo, PhD Research PHW

My research is about pharmaceutical formulation for poorly water-soluble drug, for example, cinnarizine. I am working on development of vesicular drug delivery systems in the form of niosomes and liposomes to enhance drug solubility and dissolution. I use differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic light scattering techniques for particle characterization.


Md Nazim Md Nazim, PhD Research PHW

My research is about the development of nanoparticulate delivery systems for cancer. The aim of this study is to encapsulate an antipsychotic drug (repurposed for anticancer activity) into a biodegradable polymer and investigate their activity on different cancer cell lines by different mechanisms using in vitro techniques.


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