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The expertise, technology and world-leading research that resides within the University of Sunderland enables businesses to reap the benefits that a strategic partnership such as a Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) can provide.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

  • Business Growth and Innovation
  • Our KTP projects are rated ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK
  • £900k per annum increase in pre-tax profit
  • Up to 67% grant support
  • Creation of two new jobs and 20 staff trained

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a leading knowledge transfer programme to support business innovation, and are a great way to develop and grow your business. By working with the University and our graduates on a chosen project, you can access expertise, new skills and knowledge in an affordable and innovative way. There are various funding options for the Partnerships depending on the size of your business and they can last between six months and three years to suit the needs of the project.

For more than 40 years, KTP has successfully and consistently increased competitiveness and productivity for the businesses taking part. Projects are focused on delivering a strategic step change in productivity, market share and operating process by embedding new knowledge and capabilities within an organisation.

How do Knowledge Transfer Partnerships work?

A graduate is recruited into the business to work on a project of strategic value, such as developing new products or accessing new markets. University academic staff mentor the graduate for half a day per week and provide sustained support to the business through the transfer of their knowledge and expertise. The University’s knowledge is embedded into the business leading to new opportunities and capabilities for the company partner.

KTPs are available across a diverse range of public and private industry sectors. Your KTP project could deliver improvements to existing products, support development of novel products and systems, as well as create frameworks to improve efficiencies in processes and upskill staff. This flexible approach enables you to identify the best way to accelerate business growth and enhance your competitive advantage.

Each project can last between 12 months to three years, transferring and embedding new knowledge and skills to encourage business growth and innovation. With the help of government funding and university expertise, your business will be well supported to innovate and reach its full potential.

What are the benefits of a KTP?

KTP is a validated model that has successfully supported business for over 40 years. By taking part in the scheme you can expect an increase in annual profits, knowledge and capability; gain competitive advantage through the launch of new products, processes and services; and become more innovative, efficient and set for growth.

Benefits for businesses

The KTP scheme has been bringing businesses and universities together for more than 40 years, delivering real benefits for all participants and contributing to productivity, economic impact and wealth generation in the UK. KTP provides a framework to support a partnership between your organisation and a university which focuses on innovation of a product, process or service. If you need access to new skills and leading research expertise to innovate and develop new products, enhance or optimise production, create a new service offering, or implement an internationalisation strategy, a KTP could be for you.

Partnerships receive between 50% and 67% grant support towards the cost of projects and there are regular opportunities to apply for funding throughout the year.

Benefits for graduates

A KTP is a three-way project between a recent graduate (KTP associate), a business (business partner) and a university or research organisation (knowledge base).

Graduates manage and deliver challenging strategic projects for a business, while being supported by their university. As an associate, you will be employed by the University, but work in the company under their terms and conditions, and be jointly supervised by company and University staff on a project ranging from 12 to 36 months.

Approximately 10% of your time will be spent in training and personal development. At the beginning of the project you will be assigned a travel and training budget to manage, enabling you to decide which courses you feel will be the most beneficial. Additional free training modules are available, covering personal development, project management, marketing, effective communication, finance and performance management. You can also benefit from job-specific technical training.

As a KTP associate, you can expect to:

  • fast-track your career development
  • be part of one of the country’s largest graduate placement schemes
  • receive a competitive salary
  • receive a personal training and development budget of £2k per year
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