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Atorus is a consulting firm where project and cost management expertise, industry knowledge and management insight converge to enable collaboration with their clients to buck the industry by delivering successful outcomes. Atorus identified a gap in the market and made the most of a KTP to fully capitalise on it.

Atorus Consult

"Our core business is the delivery of professional technical services – project and cost management – into the construction market. We engage at three levels: people, projects and business, to provide strategic, management and operational support services.

"Over the last 40 years, there have been many critical reviews of the construction industry, in an attempt to improve the confidence of delivery and outcome. The most recent research – The Farmer Report, “Modernise or Die” published in October 2016 – concluded that ‘many of the features of the industry are synonymous with a sick, or even dying patient’.

"This report cited seven primary symptoms:

  • low productivity
  • low predictability
  • structural and leadership fragmentation
  • low margins, adversarial pricing models and financial fragility
  • lack of collaboration and improvement culture
  • lack of R+D & investment in Innovation
  • pro-industry image

"Traced back to a strategic piece of work undertaken in 1999, GluIQ is a project management software solution being developed in partnership with the University of Sunderland and Innovate UK. Via a combination of digital revolution and market demand for increased transparency, efficiency and innovation, we’re creating and developing tools that deliver the change demanded in the industry. GluIQ provides tools that improve projects via a bespoke Multi-Criterion Decision Framework with embedded machine learning and Intelligent Process Automation. With the single vision of enabling better outcomes – making smarter work – GluIQ will generate increased compliance, standardisation of work process and a platform on which to capture and present key project performance metrics through the life of the project, in real-time."

“I was in a dilemma, whether to go for a University position or back to my roots as a software developer or prolong my research degree by taking up a PostDoc position.  When you achieve something, the whole world would conspire for you to succeed it. In my case, at one shot Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership, I achieved all the three. Atorus’ KTP project GluIQ, I am designated by a company which has got the wealth of industrial experience. I am continuously being associated with academics, continuing to be a software developer and last... not the least, remaining as a researcher – an ideal thing that could happen to any PhD graduate. 

“With Innovate UK’s two weeks of management training at Ashorne Hill Management College, Atorus’ AEC domain knowledge transfer and my earned knowledge through my never stopping studies (Machine Learning- Artificial Intelligence -Blockchain - Information security), we are reaping rewards for the imminent success of GluIQ. Atorus’ Industrial discipline and UoS’ academic novelty bringing out the best out of me for the success of GluIQ project. I envisage, there are at least two KTP positions for the Atorus’ prestigious project GluIQ, would love to have more KTP teammates for our GluIQ project, I sincerely recommend KTP for newly graduated researchers – if you ever want to achieve duality; being at two places at the same time - industry academia.”

Dr Selvakumar Ramachandran – KTP Associate

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