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Cellular Solutions

Cellular Solutions is an integrated business communications company which specialises in providing, implementing and consulting about business software for the benefit of small business and large corporations alike. The company’s KTP with the University of Sunderland was rated "Outstanding" by Innovate UK, not only achieving its aim but also rationalising software development and management processes.

“Very good project for the business! Ximena is now part of the Cellular team. Sales and revenue have been increased every month due to the KTP outcome as well customer satisfaction. Great range of customers from a variety of sectors. A win-win partnership for businesses! A no-brainer really!”
Derek Curtis – Managing Director

“KTP is a great opportunity for recent graduates to enhance their knowledge of real-life commercial problems!”
Ximena – KTP Associate

“Excellent opportunity for academic staff to engage with the industry and test their experience, test their knowledge!”
David Nelson – Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Computer Science

The problem:

Cellular Solutions were making small bespoke software customisations projects through a great length of repetition.

The solution:

The main achievement of the KTP was the creation of a new agnostic development platform (an agnostic development platform can be deployed on any operating system and can be used to create applications targeted at any technology platform) that created various project frameworks; highly extensible with a plethora of templates and significant sophistication.

An unexpected outcome of the KTP project is the embedding of an Agile methodology alongside the PRINCE2 project management methodologies into the organisation. This has rationalised the Company’s processes. The result is a change to company culture with the introduction of weekly brainstorming events to look at future marketing opportunities.

Company’s benefits:

Associate’s benefits:

Academic Partner’s benefits:

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