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Courses and programmes

The University has been working with a number of public and private sector organisations to deliver work-based learning programmes for a number of years and has always had at its core an ethos of vocational learning and applied research. Over the years we have continually developed our teaching and learning methods through research and experience and evaluated their effectiveness with our clients, ensuring that we regularly innovate and achieve flexibility in learning and knowledge transfer.

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So how does it work? We work with you on a four step programme:

We will EXPLORE with you the outcomes that you wish to achieve for your employees.  Our aim is to gain a great understanding of your needs and no option will be left unchecked and no request seen as too big or complicated. If you would like to see previous examples of unique programmes that we have, please get in touch as this can be arranged.

We will CREATE the programme based on your desired aims and outcomes. The content will be designed with you and your organisation to ensure that it is not only bespoke to your organisation, but is also effectively designed to meet your organisational requirements. The creation process is a fully collaborative one, ensuring that the programme combines University knowledge and experience with organisational understanding and requirement.

Our experience dictates that some of the more traditional didactic teaching and learning methods are not always the most effective for work-based learning delegates.

Therefore we DELIVER  a range of bespoke and flexible delivery methods that align to the nature of the programme, encourage effective learning, transition of knowledge back into the workplace and importantly considers the needs of the delegates and clients.

We will EVALUATE the programme throughout the delivery to ensure the aims and objectives are being met and delegates are fully supported. We focus on quality and value for money; if we feel the programme needs minor amends to ensure these elements are upheld, we will work with you to ensure these changes are made in real time throughout the project and you are informed every step of the way. A full evaluation report highlighting the effectiveness of the programme along with any future recommendations will be provided at the end of the project.

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Short courses

Not only do we provide bespoke accredited programmes, we also provide short courses of varying lengths to meet our clients needs. To find out more information about the short courses that we are currently running, please see our Short courses and CPD subject area.

Bespoke courses

The work that we undertake with each organisation is completely bespoke, right through from the initial conversations through to design, delivery and evaluation. We recognise that every organisation is different, as are their employees; therefore each approach to programme development is completely unique.

We take the time and care to listen to your requirements, understand your business, your employees and the existing skills and knowledge which ensures we are embarking upon a partnership with you in the early stages. From here we will work with you to create a learning and development programme that not only delivers on your organisational requirements, supports your talent development but also looks at your employees as your most valuable assets and supports their own personal learning and development objectives. A bespoke approach is also taken with programme delivery; through our collaborative discussions and exploratory meetings we will work with you to determine when is the most suitable time for your organisation and employees to engage in learning. We will deliver the programme flexibly at a time, place and pace to meet your requirements. All our tutors, academics and professional partners are experienced in programme delivery and facilitation and we will match the right experience and knowledge to your requirements, ensuring your delivery team is the right one for your organisation.

Return on Investment

Our partnership approach doesn’t end with the delivery of the programme, as we will work with you to ensure that the evaluation methods used throughout the programme and the final evaluation report meet your needs. A full programme evaluation will be provided as standard and will include capturing delegate feedback throughout the programme and responding to feedback in real time. The extent of full evaluation will be discussed with you from the outset and all data captured will not only feed into programme development but also showcase individual development, increase in skills, knowledge, confidence and ultimately prove return on investment.


If you currently have your own in-house training programme for developing your workforce which you know already gets results, why not consider exploring the possibility of a University accreditation? Accreditation of an existing programme is an ideal way of providing your employees with a University standard qualification or academic credits which can potentially add greater value to the programme or provide your employees with recognition for their achievement and learning.

The University can support organisations in a number of ways. From straightforward accreditation of provision which is delivered by your staff on your site to a combination delivery with support from our University staff where required. The approach you take is completely flexible, but you can be assured that you will be supported every step of the way by our dedicated team making the process as straightforward as possible.

How long does this take?

There is a common misperception that the accreditation process takes years. This is not the case and we work with you to ensure that your programme is ready to meet your organisational needs whilst still guaranteeing the quality of provision. The process usually takes approximately three months depending on the duration and level of the programme you are seeking to accredit. The process follows the same steps as all of our provision except we are often not involved in the delivery stage.

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