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What does the Positive Allies Charter Mark look like?

There are two levels of Positive Allies, depending on the development level of an organisation. You can start at Level One and progress, or you can apply directly for Level Two, after meeting the conditions of Level One in your application. More information about the two levels can be found below and you should decide which level is most suitable for your organisation.

positive allies logo level 2

Above is an example ‘HIV Staff Policy’ for places of employment. Please feel free to use and amend to help you to achieve level one of Positive Allies. The wording is designed for paid staff, however, this can be incorporated for volunteers too with minor amendments.

Positive Allies Level One (Entry Level):

  • demonstrate that the organisation has an effective Champion within the workplace who can work as a point of contact for people living with HIV and to drive this award forward
  • the organisation has a continuously reviewed policy that explicitly bars discrimination of someone living with HIV
  • the organisation has a bullying and harassment policy which clearly indicates zero tolerance around stigma of those living with HIV
  • the organisation delivers training to key staff to raise knowledge and awareness of HIV stigma and HIV awareness
  • the organisation demonstrates a clear commitment to build on the work they have already done and to strive for more

Positive Allies Level Two (Advanced Level):

  • demonstrate continued achievement of all aspects contained in Level One
  • demonstrate that the organisation takes active steps to support HIV charities and community groups (this could be through fundraising, volunteer support, partnership working, etc.)
  • demonstrate that the organisation has a visible presence of relevant HIV literature and awareness (posters, leaflets, displays, etc.)

Support offered to achieve your application:

Whilst you work on successfully achieving your Positive Allies Charter Mark, we will provide the following support to help your organisation:

  • a model HIV Staff/Volunteer Policy for your organisation (this can be amended to suit your organisation's needs and size);
  • an online ‘HIV Awareness’ training course to fit all staff/volunteer levels and abilities. This includes a certificate which can be downloaded for staff members/volunteers, after completion, as proof of continuous professional development.

Students working on a group project

In order to achieve your Positive Allies Charter Mark:

First, register your intention with an initial interest form and you will be given a year to work toward your chosen level. After you have worked toward the Positive Allies Level One or Level Two, you will then submit your first report one year later (or sooner if you wish). If successful, you will receive:

  • a Positive Allies certificate (Level One or Two) for your organisation to display;
  • use of the Positive Allies logo and level of award for your website, social media banners and letterheads.


 “As an HIV organisation, we continually deal with service users who have seen discrimination and outright prejudice in their places of work and within their communities. People living with HIV both work and volunteer, and they bring key skills, ideas and ways of thinking. At Thrive NE we support this unique charter mark and hope that health services, community groups, charities, private businesses and other organisations take it on board…” (Chair: Thrive NE).

What do we have to do to achieve it?

Initially, you should download an initial interest form. We will then give you a time period of one year to implement the changes needed to achieve Positive Allies Level One (entry level). After this period, you complete your annual assessment form.

At this point, you will be expected to submit a brief annual progress report, with evidence, one year from the date of your award. At any point after achieving Positive Allies Level One, you can also apply for Positive Allies Level Two (advanced level) once your organisation is ready or apply directly for the Level Two if you meet the conditions of both levels. You do not have to advance to this and you can stay at Level One if you wish, though we recommend that you go further.

Gaining Positive Allies is really not a time-consuming process and you will be rewarded by showing that you are an organisation dedicated and committed to equality and diversity issues. 

A panel of various experts will meet on a two-monthly basis to sort through all of the Positive Allies applications. Please note that there may be a delay in getting back to you due to this.