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Why apply?


Now you have decided the level of Positive Allies that is appropriate for your organisation, apply for it using the initial interest form below and simply gather and attach the available evidence to show how you have reached each of the goals in the level for which you are applying.

This will be assessed within one month and you will be notified of your first year’s accreditation shortly afterwards, with logos and banners sent to you. 

In some cases, we may ask for additional attached evidence or for further information to support your application.

How long does the accreditation last for?

After successfully gaining accreditation, you will be sent the Positive Allies logos and banners that you can use in your promotional literature such as your website, social media and letterheads.

Your accreditation lasts for one year. You will have to then renew it (for free) a year after you successfully gain Positive Allies. This ensures that you will continue to build on the work that you have set out to do to maintain an HIV-friendly and inclusive organisation. You may decide to apply for Level Two in your second year if you previously applied for, and achieved, Level One. You simply use the online form below to reapply each year to gain reaccreditation.

We may occasionally ask you to complete information to show the impact the Positive Allies charter mark has had on your organisation.

Positive Allies has been accredited by the University of Sunderland.

Contact us

Tweet us: @PositiveAllies

Email: positiveallies@sunderland.ac.uk

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