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BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care with Integrated Foundation Year

Module code: FDN011

Module name: Global Rights and Wrongs

Number of credits: 20


Discuss the historical and philosophical development of human rights as a concept and how these ideas spread due to global frameworks, networks and international organisations. Examine case studies of real world human rights abuses across the globe using indicative topics which could include genocide, the Free Tibet movement, international LGBT+ discrimination, the Free Palestine movement, the use of child soldiers, human trafficking, state sanctioned torture, rape as a weapon of war and the role of prisoners of conscience. Apply relevant theories and concepts to gain an understanding of some of the key causes of these human rights violations and how and why they emerge in countries around the world. Explore the impact of human rights declarations, key human rights actors, international governments and the role of nation states and their effectiveness (or not) in curbing human rights violations.

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