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Case Study

Sophie Lisa Beresford

Sunderland, UK

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Developing as an artist at Sunderland gave Sophie Lisa Beresford the confidence to exhibit her work to a global audience. Sophie is a member of the Workplace Gallery which exhibits work in the North East and London as well as globally through art fairs. So far her performance and video work combined with painting, photography and sculpture projects have been taken to fairs as far and wide as the USA and China.

Studying at degree level helped me to focus on some key things about art in terms of how to display it and how every element of it counts. Effectively if you create art you are an artist, whether you go on to study or not. No one can teach you about your own art but by going to university you will be challenged and it will help you refine your practice. Studying art at the University of Sunderland also gave me the opportunity to test myself in real life situations. 
At Sunderland it was like being part of a wide family. Every student has their own art space to be creative but you get the chance to be influenced by other people around you and bounce off each other to come up with your own exciting ideas.
I love tribal art and whenever possible I like to work with natural objects, which is something I developed after my studies. I have also self-educated myself on the history and customs of the native Americans and how they believed in ‘animism’ which is the belief that natural species and objects have souls, which is also reflected in a lot of the work I do.”

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