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Case Study

Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong’s degree in Primary Education has seen her teach thousands of miles away from the University of Sunderland. With help from the University's Futures Fund, Amy travelled to Kenya where she spent three weeks teaching at local schools and orphanages that are supported by the Moving Mountains Charity.

Teaching in Kenya was a fantastic experience. I felt humbled by the enthusiastic manner in which the children apply themselves to their lessons, they are so keen to progress and make a better life for themselves through having a good education.

It was amazing to see the happiness in the children’s faces as they soaked up the lessons we delivered. I taught various lessons to different age groups and without the resources we would have back in the UK. You really had to think outside the box.

I feel this experience has made me better as a teacher as I now understand the value of what we are providing and how to make the resources we have last for as long as possible.

On one of the days we made simple kites out of paper and string and my lasting memory will be watching the sheer enjoyment and pride the children had running out of the classroom clutching these precious pieces of paper. It made me wonder if our children live in a much too materialistic world and if they would have got the same enjoyment.

The school had very few resources and as result they utilised the walls of the classroom to draw the various topics of the day. Writing on a blackboard for the first time was a different experience. I ended up rubbing half the work off the board and had the children laughing like crazy. I taught them some of our educational songs and in return they taught me how to count to 10 in their mother tongue.

My trip to Kenya was an incredible and life-changing experience. There were ups and downs but overall it was like nothing I had ever done before. I’d also like to thank the Futures Fund for the generous contribution towards my trip."

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