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Case Study

Neill Wylie

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

MA TESOL - Distance Learning

Neill Wylie worked in banking in Australia before moving to South Korea to teach English. He chose to study his MA at Sunderland after deciding to pursue a career in TESOL. He has worked in a couple of universities overseas since completing the course and also undertaken a second masters degree which has enabled him to secure his current role of Learning Developer in Open, Blended and Online education.

I had graduated with a BA in Finance and spent some time in Australia working in banking before moving to South Korea to teach English. While in South Korea I decided to pursue a career in TESOL so the MA TESOL was a perfect match for my goals. The course at Sunderland had interesting subject matter, a great recruitment procedure and contact with the programme leader.

Distance learning can be an effective way of pursuing a degree. The best part of this course was connecting with other learners, getting high quality feedback and having the support of the lecturers. I particularly enjoyed the Corpus Linguistics module and have used components of it in my teaching ever since.

After graduating I secured a position working at Universitat Oberrta de Cataluyna for some time working as an eLearning consultant and English teacher. I then moved to Maastricht to work as an EAP lecturer at Maastricht University where I focused on eLearning. I spent six years there and completed a second masters in Digital technologies for Education (Languages) which enabled me to secure a position at TU Deflt as a Learning Developer in Open, Blended and Online education.

I was very happy with the support I received from our lecturers and admin staff. This is essential and helped me along the way. The other learners were also helpful and we genuinely created a community where students felt comfortable sharing advice.”

Published 3 April 2020

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