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Case Study

Julie Liddle

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering

Julie rose to Lead Supply Quality Engineer for the Zafira while working in Germany for GM. In 2012, Julie left GM and now works as a Launch Engineer for Johnson Controls, one of the biggest automotive tier one suppliers in the world.

I learnt a lot from an engineering perspective while in the Formula Student team. It was a challenging opportunity, and I’m really glad it’s an opportunity available to students.

The stereotype of engineering being the preserve of men in greasy overalls is an old fashioned one. I am two years out of university and one small step away from management level. Being a woman isn’t an issue. The automotive industry is about driving customer-focused results in a timely manner with integrity. As long as you have the skills to deliver, you don’t mind the occasional unsocial hour, and if you are prepared to learn, you’ll go far.”

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