Adam Gawne

After being impressed with the lecturers and teaching quality provided at undergraduate level, Adam Gawne decided to do an MSc in Environmental Management and Assessment. Due to taking on the MSc, Adam is now heavily involved in health and safety in the organisation he works for and has a more senior role there.

I decided to come to the University of Sunderland as I wanted to develop further knowledge in environment and health and study. I used to undertake a role which focused on sustainability and then doing risk management and the course offered the perfect balance to expand my knowledge and skills in both areas.

The discussions and ability to chat with other students and lecturers about key topics in each module are the best aspects of the course. These discussions really help you develop knowledge as other students can share their findings and direct you to new websites and journals. The academics also spend time posing questions and challenge ideas to help you think critically.

The course does require good time management, so you do need to keep on top of your work and ensure you’re prepared, but I would highly recommend the University to other students. I now work at the Students' Union at the university doing policy and campaigns, supporting officers and students to make changes to their and other university experiences. I also develop policies based on evidence and research which have wide impacts on the organisation and students.

Studying at the University has been inspirational, it has changed my thinking style and skills for the better, and I am able to be more critical and able to apply what I have learnt in the real world.”

Published 17 January 2019

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