Kathryn Moffitt

Pharmacy graduate Kathryn credits her lecturers for encouraging her to gain work experience whilst studying. The invaluable experience led to a full time pharmacy position with Norchem Healthcare.

Studying for a degree is not just about the few years you spend at university. It is about investing in the rest of your life.

My university education proved to be a vital part of my pathway into employment – it gave me invaluable life skills, work experience and effectively set me up with a job and a career. Without my degree and the experience I gained at Sunderland, I would not be earning the salary I am today.

It was while I was studying that the lecturers encouraged me to get work experience with a local company. The University has many partnerships with private companies which led me to getting a Saturday job with Norchem Healthcare, which has a regional network of pharmacies. The experience was invaluable and once I graduated I was offered the chance to complete my training year with them and then went on to be offered a full-time pharmacy role. For me, work did not come as a shock as I had been building up my experience week to week during my studies.

A university education also helped me become a more rounded person and widen my social network which helped prepare me for the workplace. I took the opportunity to be a student ambassador which involved staffing open days at the University and visiting schools. It was great spreading the University message but it also gave me the opportunity to expand my social life and make friends with students from other courses and other parts of the country.

Investing in a degree is about more than getting that piece of paper. It’s also about growing as a person, widening horizons and formulating clear goals in life.

The University has also invested a great deal in its facilities. In the department we had a mocked up pharmacy, which is just like you would find on the high street. There was also a camera to film us as we carried out role play, which was very helpful. The library facilities are state-of-the-art and the city centre and Sir Tom Cowie Campus are really impressive. It is attention to detail like this that prepares students for life after university. If you are not used to dealing with people and are then thrown into employment it can be daunting. At University of Sunderland they work hard to ensure students are ready to go into the workplace.

With university life, the more effort you put in the more you get out of it. There are so many opportunities to take part in activities outside of the course that really shape the way you approach the rest of your life. Studying for a degree is not just about the few years you spend at university. It is about investing in the rest of your life – in some ways a priceless asset. I loved my time at university – it improved my knowledge, self-confidence and prepared me for going out into new environments and meeting new people. The tutors and lecturers at Sunderland really support you along the way too. They advise you on the next step and pass on hints and tips which I use every day of my working life."

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