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Case Study

Jodie Weatherston

BSc (Hons) Sociology

Jodie Weatherston made a last minute decision to join our BSc Sociology degree and has never looked back. Fully embracing all that university life has to offer, she is hoping to pursue her dream career tackling domestic abuse when she graduates.

Applying to do the BSc (Hons) Sociology course was a very last minute decision. However, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The course is extremely interesting and it is a great way to introduce people to the Social Sciences.

The course has changed my way of thinking and my way of viewing the world. I am more understanding of certain issues and I now think about things on a broader scale. I feel as though I have learned a lot of new things I didn’t know anything about beforehand. It has taught me a lot about society in a short amount of time. I also find that the reading tasks we have to do every week before the lectures are very useful as they show different articles and viewpoints which prepares people for seminars. It introduces different ideas which we may not have been thought about otherwise.

My lectures are always interesting! I always come away from them with a different view on things. My lecturers are also extremely enthusiastic and they perform their lectures in an interesting and understandable way. As well as the course, the University of Sunderland has introduced me to new experiences and opened up new opportunities for me. I have taken advantage of the optional language courses and decided to join French lessons. I think it is a fantastic opportunity for students to be offered to study a language for free at the University.

I have also joined many other things that the University has to offer such as the Dance Squad, the Pole Fitness Team and the Sociology Events and Fundraising Team. I am also extremely interested in studying abroad and volunteering abroad which is another great opportunity here. I feel as though the University offers many fantastic opportunities for its students.

I would recommend the BSc (Hons) Sociology course to everyone! I have loved every second at the University of Sunderland and am really enjoying and taking advantage of all of what it has to offer. Coming to the University and doing this course has really encouraged me to want to do well and succeed in my future and I have proved to myself that I am able to achieve. I chose to do this course because it will help me achieve the steps needed to becoming a Domestic Abuse Case Manager which is my dream job. I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for introducing this new course as it has helped me to get where I wanted to be! I love the University of Sunderland!"

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