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Jinna Zhou

BSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management graduate Jinna Zhou praises the passion and dedication of her lecturers.

Before I came to University of Sunderland, I knew other people who had studied here. They told me about the peaceful way of life in the city, which seemed like a welcome change from the hectic life of Singapore. Moving away and going somewhere so different and far away from the environment I was used to was challenging but helped me to learn and adapt very quickly.

The most valuable part of the International Tourism and Hospitality Management programme has been the critical thinking module. This has encouraged me to think critically when carrying out research for my assignments. Not only is this a key skill for use in my studies, but something I will take with me in my future life and career.

At University of Sunderland, all the teaching staff really contribute to making the course a success. During lectures and seminars I have seen the passion that the staff put into sharing their knowledge, helping students to gain a better understanding of the subject, as well as encouraging them to brainstorm and learn from class discussion. There is so much that I have learned without even realising! The course has given me exposure to a broad range of tourism topics and I would like to thank the dedicated and committed lecturers who have shared their valuable knowledge and life experience.

The environment and facilities in this University are excellent and the experience here has been tremendously positive for me. What is unique about the University is that you are studying in a beautiful part of the world and the longer you are here the more you will appreciate it. I meet up with a group of school friends when I am back in Singapore, and even though they are studying and working all over the world, they want to hear about my fantastic experiences at the University of Sunderland.

For those who have not yet travelled abroad I try to be an ambassador for Sunderland, and tell them about everything the University has to offer."

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