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Towards Making the Unmakeable - Angela Thwaites

2 July – 4 September 2016 

Angela Thwaites’ recent work takes inspiration from her experience of the world around her, including her frequent train journeys between London and Sunderland. Abstracted images observed from train windows are sketched or photographed and later developed into forms using 3D print technology and traditional glass making processes. Her glass sculptures are designed to draw the eye inside their half secret voids and interiors. They play with the viewer’s imagination and sense of scale in surprising and sometimes humorous ways.

Digital technology has allowed the artist to create work that would be virtually impossible to produce using hand making methods alone. Bringing together both digital and handmade glass making techniques, Angela Thwaites develops new approaches to Kiln casting with the goal of making the “unmakeable” in glass.

Angela Thwaites is an artist, educator, researcher and author. She is currently at the mid-point of her PhD studies at National Glass Centre at the University of Sunderland.