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Inge Panneels: Material Journeys

A new body of work exploring the ‘Anthropocene period’

9 June – 13 October 2018

Inge Panneels is an artist and a Senior Lecturer in Glass at the University of Sunderland. She shares her time between her studio in the Scottish Borders and National Glass Centre.

Inge is currently working towards her PhD at Northumbria University which has a focus on maps and mapping and climate change. Connected to this research, Inge Panneels has created this new body of work exploring the ‘Anthropocene period’. This term relates to the period of time that human activity has been the dominant influence on our climate and environment. As well as exploring the bigger picture, this exhibition also places a focus on the environmental impact of glass production.

As our awareness of the impact of plastics grows this work makes us increasingly conscious of our approaches and our options in a ‘throw away’ society. Interestingly, the carbon footprint calculation made for this work showed that the highest levels related to the artist’s travel and the operation of the gallery, rather than the production of the finished glass piece, which could theoretically last and be re-used forever. 


9 June – 28 October 2018