Colin Rennie


Senior Lecturer


Programme leader - BA Glass and Ceramics


The current theme of Colin’s work centres around the translation of scientific ideas from abstract esoteric constructs into solid and real world models or agents of understanding. It comments on the perception of scientific explanation in an increasingly secular society.


The work often involves models of organic subjects or theoretical objects contained in vessels or cubes and optically obscured or distorted.  Glass is used as both a modelling material and as a controlled window through which to observe; glass has the faculty to modulate light and transparency it is a metaphor for the visible and the invisible, or the grey areas between science and myth and idea and perception.


Current practical research is increasingly concerning microcontrollers, to modulate light emitting diodes and organic LED printable substrate (sheetleds) it is hoped that this technical research will soon inform a new body of work involving light and glass.


Tel: +44(0)191 515