Rob Winter




Subject Leader - Ceramics


Rob has been working with glass and ceramics for over twenty years. After graduating from his first degree Rob worked in the glass industry for nine years. He returned to clay and ceramics at The University of Sunderland around twelve years ago.


An ever present aspect to Robs practice has been a passion for working within the community both in the UK and internationally. Rob has taught ceramics to students at all levels and delivered workshops to the public in a diverse range of learning environments.


Rob completed a Master of Arts with distinction in 2005. In 2007 Rob began establishing partnerships between The University of Sunderland and various Fair-Trade organisations. Rob has delivered workshops and undertaken University supported consultancies in India and Peru. He is regularly consulted by Potteries in Vietnam and Africa.


Research interests: Rob's personal practice is centred on thrown porcelain which is often printed with enamels and decals. It continues his work with community groups, often working in collaboration with UK organisations such as M.I.N.D or community potteries in the developing world.


Alongside making his own work, Rob continues to develop partnerships between fair-trade producers and the University of Sunderland. This includes knowledge transfer trips to Asia and South America and includes research students.



Tel: +44(0)191 515 2141