Prof John MacIntyre

Job Title Pro Vice-Chancellor
Faculty Faculty of Applied Science
Department Department of Computing, Engineering and Technology
Research Group Digital Innovation
Location David Goldman
St Peter's
Contact Details Telephone: 0191 515 3266


John is the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Sunderland. He has worked at the University of Sunderland since 1992, having graduated from the University with a First Class Honours Degree in Combined Science (Computer Science and Physiology). He then went on to complete a PhD in applied artificial intelligence, focussing on the use of neural networks in predictive maintenance, which was awarded in 1996.

During the 1990s John established a research centre – the Centre for Adaptive Systems – at the University, which became recognised by the UK government as a Centre of Excellence for applied research in adaptive computing and artificial intelligence. The Centre undertook many projects working with and for external organisations in industry, science and academia, and for three years ran the Smart Software for Decision Makers programme on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry.

He has successfully supervised PhDs in fields ranging from neural networks, hybrid systems, and bioinformatics through to lean manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and business and maintenance strategies.

He went on to become Associate Dean, and then Dean, of the School of Computing, Engineering and Technology, covering Computer Science and Engineering; in 2008 he became the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, and in 2010 Pro Vice Chancellor of the University.

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence; Adaptive Computing; Neural Networks; Hybrid Systems; Advanced Maintenance; Intelligent Asset Management; Condition Monitoring; Fault Diagnosis; Predictive Maintenance; Maintenance Strategies; Lean Manufacturing; Change Management; Business Process Re-engineering; Bioinformatics

Recent Projects/Current Work

Development of a prognostic index for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Translation of lean manufacturing principles from the manufacturing sector into the public sector and local government
Development of a new model for linking maintenance strategy to overall business objectives
Identification of the critical success factors and barriers to implementation of continuous improvement in manufacturing supply chains

Teaching and Supervision

Artificial Intelligence (Expert Systems, Neural Networks, Adaptive Computing)
Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Further Information

Member, British Computer Society
Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce
Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Number of items: 24.


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Conference or Workshop Item

elkady, M, Elmarakbi, Ahmed and MacIntyre, John (2012) Modelling Dynamics Control Systems to Improve Crash Characteristics and Occupant Behaviour. In: International Crashworthiness Conference (ICRASH2012), 18-20 July 2012, Milan, Italy. (Submitted)

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