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  1. One of first signs of Covid-19 impact was on our food chain, leading to panic buying

    How has the pandemic influenced our diet?

    Published on 14 April 2021

    Academic looks at how the pandemic has changed our eating behaviours, with some people overeating and others facing food scarcity.

  2. Jack Hellier

    Riding the airwaves to success: Radio graduate Jack lands dream presenter job

    Published on 13 April 2021

    The 23-year-old has started presenting full-time on In Demand Radio in his home city of Liverpool.

  3. ADIT (Advances in Diabetes and Insulin Therapy) conference

    Global platform for Sunderland’s diabetes research

    Published on 13 April 2021

    Diabetes research showcased at a global conference highlights how scientific findings are having real-world impact that’s benefiting people’s health and wellbeing. 

  4. Prince Philip at the University of Sunderland's City Campus in 1964

    See the moment Prince Philip opened University of Sunderland building

    Published on 12 April 2021

    "The Duke of Edinburgh’s visit will always be remembered as a seminal moment in the University’s history.” 

  5. Prince Philip opening the University of Sunderland's Edinburgh Building in 1964

    University Vice-Chancellor pays tribute to Prince Philip, who has died aged 99

    Published on 09 April 2021

    The Duke of Edinburgh opened the University of Sunderland's Edinburgh Building in 1964.    

  6. Sergio Petrucci

    Prime Minister honours Sunderland graduate’s “outstanding” charity work

    Published on 09 April 2021

    “I’m completely overwhelmed, surprised and humbled.”

  7. Kudz Munongi

    Transplant miracle lecturer now lending a helping hand to students

    Published on 07 April 2021

    “I was terrified, I had no idea what was happening or why - I was just 22 years old.”

  8. Football match

    University staff and students team up for awareness-raising football match

    Published on 07 April 2021

    "Sunderland is a truly international, outward looking city, with a history of sharing culture, trade and ideas"

  9. Nursing with Spire

    University and Spire Healthcare start search for up to 270 nurse degree apprentices

    Published on 06 April 2021

    “The Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship will be delivered nationally within the Spire Healthcare group"

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