Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

HR4‌The University is fully committed to supporting and developing our research staff and adheres to the seven key principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers:‌

  • Recognition of the importance of recruiting, selecting and retaining researchers with the highest potential to achieve excellence in research
  • Researchers are recognised and valued by their employing organisation as an essential part of their organisation's human resources and a key component of their overall strategy to develop and deliver world-class research
  • Researchers are equipped and supported to be adaptable and flexible in an increasingly diverse, mobile, global research environment
  • The importance of researchers' personal and career development, and lifelong learning, is clearly recognised and promoted at all stages of their career
  • Individual researchers share the responsibility for and need to pro-actively engage in their own personal and career development, and lifelong learning
  • Diversity and equality must be promoted in all aspects of the recruitment and career management of researchers
  • The sector and all stakeholders will undertake regular and collective review of their progress in strengthening the attractiveness and sustainability of research careers in the UK

The full concordat can be found here:

In order the underline and reinforce our commitment to the Concordat and to ensure that we are adhering to, and applying the principles embodied therein, we have undertaken a full and comprehensive review of our processes and procedures with respect to our recruitment, support and development of researchers. This has included a gap analysis undertaken during the academic year 2012/13. Where it was felt that improvements could be made, these have been included within an Action Plan. Our Actions are:

  • Pilot “Principal Investigator Development Programme”
  • Ensure that PIs and line managers of researchers are aware of their responsibilities and that all researchers are appraised
  • Pilot ‘Broadening Horizons’ course for researchers
  • Update website to provide support resources for PIs and researchers
  • Apply for renewal of Athena Swan Bronze Award
  • Pilot “How to be an Effective Researcher” course
  • Review careers guidance provision for researchers
  • Review Induction programme for researchers
  • Review mentoring arrangements for researchers
  • Introduce Personal Development Planning support for Researchers
  • Review researcher representation on university committees, and implement any changes
  • Set up Research Concordat Steering Group to monitor and review our Action Plan

View the full original Gap Analysis and Action Plan (pdf).

Two year review process (2015)

The review group agreed the scope of the internal review, structure of the report and process for updating the action plan. The report will be received and considered by the University's Research & Innovation Committee and will continue to monitor progress throughout the duration of the action plan:

Two year Report - HR Excellence in Research Award  

Action plan for 2015-2017