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Safety on campus

We want all of our students to have the best possible university experience, so we’re committed to your safety and wellbeing.

The University has a number of systems in place to ensure your safety, security and wellbeing:

University Security

We want all of our students to have the best possible university experience and are committed to your safety and wellbeing. We provide a full time security service, including a dedicated CCTV network monitored from our control room, and the Security Team can be contacted 24/7 by any member of the University community.

Campus Police

The University has a full-time campus Police Officer, PC Daniel McGwinn. Daniel works closely with Northumbria Police and all members of the University community. He can be contacted 24/7 via a special number given to all students when they enrol.

University Security and the Campus Police are happy to give advice and guidance to anyone in the University community. They can offer advice on the phone email or face to face and can even provide a free briefing if you, your classmates or any other group would like specific advice on:

Reporting an incident or crime

There are a number of systems in place to allow any victim of crime, witness to an incident, or witness to suspicious or unusual activity to report their concerns to the University Security team. This service is 24/7 and can be reports can be made by:

There is also a process for making an anonymous report if needed. This report is completed and sent on the My Sunderland portal.

Safety items

You can request a personal alarm and or a cycle lock, free of charge, at any point during your time with us.

Property marking

The Campus Police and University Security carry out free property and cycle security marking sessions throughout the year. Marking kits are also available to take home if needed. These services are all free of charge to all students and give you the peace of mind to bring your favourite items to University.  

Student Campus Watch

Our students recently set up a Student Campus Watch and are actively involved in working with the community and our security services in providing advice and preventing crime. Student Campus Watch can provide guidance and support on security and safety issues and can also refer other students to professionals for specialist and confidential advice. Read more about Student Campus Watch.

Hate crime

The UK’s Race Relations Act is one of the most comprehensive laws against racial discrimination in the world and the University has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and abuse. We have a formal procedure to assist any member of staff or student who feels they have been discriminated against.

All students are given full details of the above schemes and contacts when they enrol.

If you have any questions or concerns about safety and security at the University of Sunderland, please contact the Security team:

Tel: 0191 515 2028 

Campus Police:
Tel: 0191 515 3999
Email: campus.police@sunderland.ac.uk

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