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Business Boardroom Battle

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Business Boardroom Battle

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Unleash new business minds: A unique student challenge!

Calling all future business leaders! The University of Sunderland invites you to participate in the ultimate academic showdown – our "Business Boardroom Battle." This exciting event is designed for 17 and 18-year-old students considering studies in Business, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance or Accounting.

What's in store?

Mini-project challenge:

Teams of students will embark on a thrilling journey to create a cutting-edge marketing campaign for an everyday product. The challenge covers key business aspects, including product development, marketing strategies, financial projections, budget management, and the art of persuasive pitching.

Expert guidance:

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff, well-versed in the intricacies of business and academia, will provide mentorship and guidance throughout the event. Additionally, gain valuable insights and guidance from our special guest, Adam Corbally – a former contestant on "The Apprentice"! 

Why participate?

  • Real-world experience: Put theoretical knowledge into practice by tackling a hands-on business challenge
  • Skill development: Hone your skills in product development, marketing, financial planning, and public speaking – essential for a successful business career
  • Discover university: Enjoy a taster of life at the University of Sunderland School of Business. 

Teachers, be the catalyst for your students' success! Register your students now for this unique and enriching experience. Secure places at our "Business Boardroom Battle" and watch your students flourish in the world of business.

For more information about the event, contact events.recruitment@sunderland.ac.uk.