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ByteBuilders: Building a Future in Computer Science

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ByteBuilders: Building a Future in Computer Science

Topic - Open Events, Schools and Colleges

The Faculty of Technology invites Year 12 students to take part in an exciting and interactive event hosted by the School of Computer Science.

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Our expert academic staff will guide your students through a series of hands-on workshops including: 

Zumo Wars

In this fun-packed workshop, your students will learn to programme an Arduino-controlled mini-robot to take part in a sumo-style battle. Students will:

  • Experiment with changing values to alter motor speeds and turning durations to customise the robots’ fighting style
  • Learn basic microcontroller programming and see how the robot uses its sensors to detect the edge of the fighting arena
  • Analyse the impact the changes have on the behaviour of the 'Zumo' robot and ultimately how it performs in a competitive arena
  • Face each other in a battle to see if they can fight their way through multiple rounds to the Grand Final of the tournament to become the Ultimate Zumo Wars Champion

Hack the Web

Have you ever wondered how secure websites are? This session will introduce you to different website vulnerabilities such as directory issues, authentication, and injection attacks. You will then be given the chance to force your way into a series of websites, with each one getting more secure as you progress through the challenges!

Alarm Clock Build

The most alarming build you could ever make with some wires, a speaker, a microcontroller, and a real-time clock. In this session you will be building an alarm clock, it will tell the time, let you set an alarm, and wake you up in the morning. This one won't fit on your wrist – but works in exactly the same way!

If you have any questions about the event, please contact events.recruitment@sunderland.ac.uk.