'Live algorithms for music'

Professorial Lecture Series

Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre, Prospect Building

Sir Tom Cowie campus

Professor Michael Young, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Professor Michael Young is a Professor of Music Computing with interests in composition, artificial intelligence & music, improvisation and generative media.

He is co-founder of the Live Algorithms for Music network.

Can computers be creative?  How would we know?  The Live Algorithms for Music network explores such questions in the context of live improvisation, applying AI techniques to produce (apparently) pro-active and responsive performers able to perform alongside human musicians.  

The talk will present one attempt to create such a system in practice.

The event is free, however, places must be booked.

Reserve your place.

Registration and refreshments will take place at 5.30pm and the lecture will run from 6-7pm.

Professorial Lecture Series 2017/2018