Back to the Future-what does the Teaching Excellence Framework mean to you?

FBLT Research Institute Seminar Series

Reg Vardy 111, Sir Tom Cowie Campus

Dr Linda Anne Barkas. Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism

In this seminar, Dr Barkas invites you to consider the impact of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) on your approach to teaching.

The context and content of the implications for higher education in the 2017 Higher Education and Research Act are explored against the discourse of skills and employability over key legislation across several decades.
Dr Barkas will interrogate how the impact of the unquestioning acceptance of terms around ‘knowledge-based economies’ has become embodied in the language of higher education, a process that Bernstein (2000) termed ‘normalisation of genericism.’
In response to the challenges this conflicting discourse presents for you and the role of teaching in universities, the question remains, what should you and HE do next?

All Welcome