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Being Human Festival - How Wearmouth Saved the West

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Michael Wood

The Northumbrian Golden Age with Michael Wood. 

Historian and film maker Michael Wood, who has written about Wearmouth and filmed here, returns to St Peter’s church to look at the golden age of Northumbrian culture. Founded in 674-5 and still a living church today, in the 7th and 8th centuries Wearmouth was one of the powerhouses of Anglo-Saxon civilisation, its library and scriptorium the envy of Europe.

Among the great manuscripts written and illuminated here, and in its sister house of Jarrow, was the greatest of all Latin bibles, the Codex Amiatinus which this year came back to Britain for the first time since 716, for a blockbuster exhibition at the British Library.

In this talk Michael, who was on the committee which planned the exhibition over five years, will reflect on why Wearmouth, and Jarrow are so important in our history, and why their legacy still matters today.

Michael Wood is Professor of Public History in Manchester and holds an honorary Doctorate from the University of Sunderland.

This event is part of the ‘Canny Sunderland: Discover the History of Sunderland’ series, by University of Sunderland.