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ByteBuilders: Creating a Future in Computer Science

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The Faculty of Technology at the University of Sunderland invite you to attend an interactive, exciting event for Year 12 students to learn more about Computer Science and the benefits of studying this dynamic subject at Undergraduate level. Our expert staff will lead you through a series of workshops designed to showcase the range of programmes on offer in the School of Computer Science. 



All participants will have the opportunity to take part in the following interactive workshops:

Zumo Wars - Students will learn to programme an Arduino-controlled mini-robot to take part in a sumo-style battle. Experiment with changing values to alter motor-speeds and turning durations to customise the robot's fighting style. Learn basic microcontroller programming and see how the robot uses its sensors to detect the edge of the fighting arena. Face each other in a battle to see if you can fight your way through multiple rounds, all the way to the Grand Final of the tournament to become the Ultimate Zumo Wars Champion.

Cannon Fodder (Game Development) - Learn the basics of Unity development and C# programming in this intense session where you will code a 3D cannon to launch balls, crash test dummies and even other cannons! Have them fly through the air, smashing through breakable boxes and tallying points.

Hack the Planet (Cybersecurity) - Cybersecurity is now an everyday issue for most of us. This workshop is set in a fictional organisation where you can test web security with practical hands-on experience using hacking tools and techniques, including social engineering, SQL injection and password cracking.

Places are limited for this brilliant opportunity to meet our incredible staff and work with our state-of-the art facilities. We look forward to seeing you there!