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CPD: Language and Gender Masterclass

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Language and Gender: from Women's Lib to #MeToo, this masterclass will be ideal for teachers of English Language. It will explore the various theories relating to gender in this subject, led by subject specialist Professor Angela Smith. 

The session will show how the social context can be used to help improve our understanding of gender and language, from the main theories that developed in the 1970s and 1980s to their legacy in terms of how language is used when relating to gender and sexuality in the contemporary world.

There are three main theories that underpin the study of language and gender. These overlap and can be confusing. Because of the context in which they developed, they can also appear to alienate those who are not female or binary. Angela Smith will be hosting this masterclass and is recognised internationally as a specialist in this area.

This session will show how the study of language and gender can extend beyond the simplistic three theories approach to enhance our understanding of the relevance of language study in contemporary society. The three main theories of language and gender will be explained in terms of their content. This will then be related to the social contexts in which they arose, and then the contexts in which they are used.

By drawing on wider studies of gender and sexuality in society, this session will enable teachers of English Language to engage with their students in a more accessible way.