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Alan Fentiman has been making documentaries about the arts for over ten years. He has worked with painters, printmakers, poets, sculptors, writers, composers, choreographers and musicians from across the UK. 

His interest lies in the creative process and the capturing of ideas as they emerge, develop and take form.

His films have been shown in galleries, festivals and cinemas and broadcast on BBC1, Channel 4 and The Discovery Channel. As a one man band his practice has involved mastery of all stages of filmmaking: Filming, editing and post-production.

In recent years his filmmaking has taken a more collaborative approach, creating work alongside artists, writers and academics to explore new creative directions. Originally from a theatrical background, and as founder of the London based arts collective WIDE, he has been a playwright, international DJ, remixer and record label owner.

He has recently been exploring pinhole photography and hand cranked film through collaborations with poets in the North East. His next film will be shown at Newcastle’s Hatton Gallery as part of “Illuminating the Self” whilst various scripts and animations are due for broadcast in early 2020.


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