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CREATIVE LIVES: Theo Harper Davis

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Theo Harper is an artist and researcher. He is currently involved in the AHRC CDT PhD studentship held between Northumbria University and the University of Sunderland.

Theo has an MA in sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2014) and a BA in Fine Art from Newcastle University(2010). He has held various professional positions within the areas of making which have continued to inform his sculptural practice. In his current research, entitled Hybrid Traditions, he thinks of the body and hands as active sensors in the making of sculpture. In many automated processes, in this case computer design programmes and the ceramic 3D printer, the body’s function and connection to material has been removed. By employing ways of recording the performative act of making through 3Dscanning, motion capture and robotics, there is potential to not only keep ancient craft practices alive, but also to frame the practitioner within a situation that defines a new relationship with the design process that has material concerns at its centre. 


Theo interrogates craft and making processes. He reworks and reimagines the world, collecting histories that are continually woven into its narrative. His work asks important questions of traditional and contemporary materials, processes and landscapes, seeking understanding of the varied environments we live within. He highlights the meeting of internal being with external place and puts making at the centre of this encounter. There is an intriguing combination of intimacy and rawness, humour and risk taking.