Exploring Postindustrial Urban Identities in the Cultural and Creative Industries

CASS Public Lecture Seires

Prospect building, room 007, Sir Tom Cowie Campus

CASS Public Lecture Series

Matt Durey, University of Northumbria

Creative or cultural city discourses have become a familiar trope in the emerging post-industrial landscape.

Often referencing the work of forecasters of the ‘renaissance of the city’, such as Richard Florida and Charles Landry, the physical, cultural, and social environments of cities are being restructured in the image of a new post-industrial urbanism, specifically designed to attract the highly motivated, educated, and individualized workers of the ‘knowledge economy’.

Often cited as a leading economic sector and archetypal of the spatiotemporal working conditions of the post-industrial economy, the cultural and creative industries feature prominently in these discourses.

Drawing on comparative research in Newcastle and Hamburg, Matt explores ways in which post-industrial identities are (re)constructed in relation to changing urban environments and (contested) place-identities for people working in the cultural and creative industries.

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