Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism Research Seminar Series - 'Football Banning Orders: Are the Statistics Fit for Purpose?'

Reg Vardy, St. Peter's Campus

Reg Vardy 214

Ashley Lowerson, Lecturer in Law


The introduction of Football Banning Orders by virtue of s.14 of the Football Spectators Act 1989 is the mechanism that allows the banning of individuals from attending regulated football matches in England and Wales and overseas. Each year the Home Office release statistics on the number of Football Banning Orders served and the number of arrests at football matches in England and Wales. These statistics are the only means by which the Government can test the effectiveness of these Orders and whether they are decreasing football-related disorder. The presentation will critically analyse the explanatory statements and underpinning methodologies of the Home Office statistics to illustrate whether they can be relied upon as the only means of testing efficacy on this area of law.

All Faculty Staff and Students are Welcome to Attend - Please come along!