Faculty of Education and Society Research Institute Seminar: Trust Your Instincts - Act! PREVENT Police Officers, Centre for Applied Social Sciences

CASS: Centre for Applied Social Sciences

Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre, St. Peter's Campus

Dr Paul Dresser

Lecturer in Criminology

University of Sunderland


As part of the CASS Lecture Series Dr Paul Dresser discusses his novel research exploring PREVENT from a police perspective.

The research lecture sees our very own Dr Paul Dresser discuss his novel and pertinent research exploring PREVENT, the UK counter-radicalisation programme designed to identify and support vulnerable individuals in a non-criminal space, from a police perspective. Central to PREVENT are reports and referrals derived from professional practitioners. However, the thresholds for reporting and how risk performs beyond fixed indicators which pre-figure terrorism are areas under-researched. Dr Paul Dresser discusses his research which has attended to these under-explored areas and provides a novel insight into the reporting stage of PREVENT through semi-structured interviews conducted with PREVENT police officers, an examination of national counter-terrorism policing campaigns, an analysis of PREVENT briefing documents, and an assessment of Home Office initiatives. The lecture will discuss the impactful research findings that risk thresholds are simplified to subjective judgments, such as mobilising intelligence on the premise of "gut feelings", by officers, the benefits of this strategy, as well as the academic and policy implications of this strategy.

Everyone is Welcome to Attend - the public, all staff and students from across all Faculties - Please come along!