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How Sustainable is the Media?

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Sustainable Media

Have you considered the environmental impact of ‘the media’? Do you know what changes the industry are making to be more sustainable? This event will get you thinking about the new age of media, the power of your voice as a young activist and what more can be done to lower the carbon footprint of the Film and TV industry.

In this event you will gain insight into the University of Sunderland’s partnership with Albert, a project ran by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). ‘Albert supports the global Film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and to create content that supports a vision for a sustainable future’.

Following this session students will take part in one of the following four workshops around sustainability, where they will have the opportunity to feedback and discuss their findings with other groups at the end of the day. Some workshops will be more about the practicalities of producing Film and TV, whilst others are more focused on giving students a voice and a chance to explore how climate change is impacting media, culture and society.

Workshop 1- Environmental Activism

Students will be given a brief to write about youth activism and the impact the younger generations have on the environment and the climate crisis. Students might want to come with an idea about what they would like to write about or use prompts from earlier discussions in the day to put their piece together.

Workshop 2- Changing Our Minds

Students will look at how media is prompting and promoting the concept of sustainability. This session will explore how green activists have used the media to present ideas of climate change in the past and how the climate crisis has changed the narrative across all forms of media- from films, to games, to social media.

Workshop 3- The power of Audio and Podcasting

Students will be set a brief to explore how sustainability can be promoted to an audience through the means of audio, podcasting, and radio. The session will give students a chance to come up with an idea and work to put it together in our recording studios.

Workshop 4- Virtual Production

Students will use the universities cutting edge Virtual Production facilities to mimic the changes happening in industry to reduce the carbon footprint of Film and TV productions. In this workshop students will work in front of and behind the camera to film scenes from anywhere in the world- and beyond, using a range of facilities including green screen, full body motion capture systems and more!


Students will take part in one session on the day, but school groups can be booked across multiple sessions. Please contact us via email (student.recruitment@sunderland.ac.uk) if you have any questions, once you book onto the event, we will contact you to ask what taster session you would like to book onto.