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Research Connections workshop 2 - Collaboration in action

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Reg Vardy Centre

Research Connections are a series of interactive interdisciplinary workshops for research active staff across the institution, offering the opportunity for staff to network cross-faculty, collaborate on areas of overlapping interests, and discuss their research interests with colleagues across the University.

These workshops will be held across the academic year on Wednesday lunchtimes. The theme for each year will change.  The proposal for the theme for 2019/20 is developing innovative, cross disciplinary funding bids with this being an identified need across the institution.

Workshop 2: Collaboration in Action

In this second workshop, those groups formed from Workshop 1 will attend to work further on the projects, to discuss the projects progress, and next steps. Some of those projects initially formulated in Workshop 1 will potentially have been progressed to a point where the Research Support Funding Team can provide support and new funding opportunities can be searched for and/or provided. Research Support Funding Team will attend to provide further support to the group(s) best fitting the research funding call that is/are being taken forward and see the progress made on the other interdisciplinary research projects. Groups will schedule a further meeting with the Research Funding Team, both group(s) fitting the funding call from Workshop 1 and any other groups with potential projects for funding applications.

Workshop dates

- Workshop 1: Facilitating Collaboration - Wednesday 30 October 2019, 12-2pm, RV320

- Workshop 2: Collaboration in Action - Wednesday 4 December 2019, 12-2PM, RV112 (see details above)

- Workshop 3: Resolution - Wednesday 19 February 2019, 12-2pm, RV112 

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