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Business event

Are you a Year 13 student (or teacher of Year 13 students) with a passion for business and a drive to succeed in the dynamic world of commerce? Look no further! Join us for an exhilarating day of exploration, learning, and hands-on experiences designed to give you an insight into studying business at university.

Embark on a journey of discovery with our trio of interactive workshops, each led by seasoned industry professionals:

  • Juggling Hats in Human Resource Management: This engaging workshop aims to revolutionise approaches to problem-solving, inspired by the renowned Edward de Bono's "Six Thinking Hats". This session will expand your critical thinking skills within the context of human resource management and offer you the opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of questioning techniques.

    By exploring the diverse perspectives represented by different coloured hats, you'll gain valuable insight into effective people management strategies and apply your understanding of the theory through hands-on activities, lively discussions and real-world case studies. Our team of HRM experts will guide you through a series of scenarios encouraging you to consider which questioning techniques are appropriate for the situation.

  • Can You Sell? - Marketing Workshop: This interactive session will allow students to put their selling skills to the test using the power of persuasion, whether its mastering the art of selling something mundane like a pen, or something magical like a unicorn. You will discover how to effectively sell yourself, your ideas and your products, by exploring the power of marketing and how it drives success in many careers.

  • Risky Business - Finance Workshop: Through a dynamic financial investment simulation you'll delve into the core concepts of risk and return while exploring the diverse landscape of companies and industries. Using real-life financial data you'll have the opportunity to make simulated investments and analyse their risk and return profiles to make informed decisions.



Please note that this event is designed for Year 13 students. We have a number of events for Year 12 students coming up later in the year.