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Making as Paradox

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Making as Paradox

Hosted by University of Sunderland and Northumbria University the annual AHRC Centre for Doctoral Training Student Conference is a student-led conference for practice-based research in Art, Design and Craft.

The conference aims to provide a dynamic forum in which to explore new ways of creating knowledge through practice, with a particular focus on the disruption of technology in our made environments.

The conference will contain a day of presentations, discussion and debate around contemporary themes that draw on the paradoxes of making today and by doing so begin to offer solutions for the made future.

The days issues will Include; Material Embodiment // Body and Hands// 3D Printing // Screen based design //Computational Materials // Algorithmically Generated Forms // Life Narratives Present in Objects // Current philosophical perspectives

In order to address our theme from multiple perspectives we have invited speakers from a range of disciplines and discourses, including the social sciences, anthropology, craft, design, art, philosophy and psychology.


Speakers include:

Professor Tim Ingold(link is external): Keynote; Anthropologist and author of ‘Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture’. 

Andy Lomas(link is external): Artist, Mathematician and Emmy award winning supervisor of computer-generated effects.

Antony Hall(link is external): Artist, Technologist and founding member of owlproject.com.

Dr Andy Clark(link is external): Research associate in oral history and de-industrialisation.

Helen Felcey(link is external): Embodied clay 

Studio Unfold(link is external)

Free Lunch and refreshments will be provided

10:30am-1pm - Presentations, refreshments at 11am
1pm-2pm - Buffet lunch
2pm-4pm - Discussion groups & break-out sessions, refreshments