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Medical Education Conference

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Medical Education Conference

Join us for the second in-person Medical Education Conference at the University of Sunderland hosted by the School of Medicine.


We welcome all those involved and interested in medical education and training from across all specialties in the region and the wider UK, including:

  • Those who manage, support, and deliver Undergraduate and Postgraduate provision within universities and partner organisations.
  • Early career and experienced medical education researchers
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate students
  • Leaders of medical education provision



The "Socially Responsible Medical Education: Current and Emerging Themes" conference aims to bring together educators, researchers, practitioners, students, and leaders in medical education to discuss and explore the latest advancements, challenges, and trends in socially responsible medical education. The conference will serve as a platform to share good practice, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations.


Conference Format:

The conference will feature engaging keynote speeches, interactive workshops, panel discussions, oral presentations, posters, and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate, exchange ideas, and explore practical strategies for integrating current and emerging trends in socially responsible medical education.


Conference Sub-Themes:

• Making medical education accessible to diverse populations.

• Environmental sustainability in medicine

• Social accountability in curricula

• Technology and innovation to promote socially responsible medical education

• Interprofessional Education and collaboration for social responsibility

• Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Well-being in Medical Education

• Medical Education in a global context

• Developing cultural competence in medical education



Professor Andy Hassall and Professor Peter Coventry (Keele Medical School)

Title of talk: Development of the Sunderland Medical Course: a Keele perspective

In this session, Professor Hassell will provide a personal perspective on the development so far of the Sunderland programme from the perspective of Sunderland's partners at Keele University. Professor Coventry will then move to discuss some of the key challenges facing medical schools in the next few years, with particular emphasis on undergraduate medical education.


Professor Namita Kumar

Title of talk: Socially Responsible Medical Education

The aim of Professor Kumar’s talk will be to show the changes that have been made to the delivery of PGMDE to be more socially responsible to the North-East and North Cumbria in the 10 years since her appointment as Postgraduate Dean.



Dr Chris Tiplady (Sunderland Medical School) 

Title of workshop: Engineering Socially Responsible Medical Educators 

Our current Medical Education Certificate and Master programme has only been running for two years. We would like your thoughts as to what and how this should develop with time. What have you heard about the course? What else is needed out there in the real world? What else could we teach? And is there any interest in some other programmes around the medical humanities for example? Bring your thoughts, your interests and your voice. 


Dr Ellen Tullo  (Sunderland Medical School)

Title of workshop: How should we measure sustainability in medical education and healthcare practice? 

Healthcare research has historically demonstrated a preference for quantitative research methodology. Medical education research more often makes use of a wider range of methodological approaches to measure outcomes. But which theoretical and practical approaches are likely to be most helpful for studies around sustainability in medical education and healthcare?  

This workshop will discuss the applicability of traditional methodological approaches applied to sustainability projects and consider potential alternatives. 


Dr Anna Hammond (Hull York Medical School)

Title of workshop: Making the most of opportunities to help students develop their clinical reasoning in patient consultations