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ESRC Festival of Social Sicience

ESRC Festival of Social Science

Reg Vardy building, Sir Tom Cowie Campus

Our festival and celebration of motherhood will emphasise women’s stories around motherhood, whether they are mothers or not.

With an academic desire to explore further definitions of the meaning of motherhood, our explorations of both experiences and representations of motherhood will create a space where both men and women can hear academic work and personal stories,  from working mums, teen mums and lesbian mums to grandmothers taking over the role of biological mother. 

With many different forms to explore, from the role many might remember  from the 1950s to the multi faceted aspects of motherhood today,  our conference  will  put academic research in touch with people's lives, and we wish to use events like this to give voice to experiences that are often not heard. Issues will include maternal mental health, loss of a parent, loss of a baby, disability, migration, sexuality, balancing home and work, differences in support needs.

Further details of this nationwide festival can be found via this link:  

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