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Murder in the Media

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Case notes

Why are we addicted to true crime?  


Why are we obsessed with Ted Bundy?  


What makes the “perfect” serial killer?  


From series like Making a Murderer to podcasts like Serial - true crime seems to be everywhere these last few years. The genre's growth is inescapable. Almost every week there seems to be a new documentary released and not without controversy.  


Some warn we risk glamorising notorious killers and erasing their victims with the coverage. Others have accused programme makers of being selective with evidence. But why are we addicted to true crime and why do certain serial killers attract so much media coverage?  

During this event, we will be discussing this topic from different angles- we will hear from Psychology, Criminology, Performance, media to analyse our obsession with true crime and how they are portrayed in the media. We will also analyse famous serial killers' criminal profiles and try to identify traits/crimes that attract more attention. Each topic of discussion will also give you an insight into the skills/modules a degree in each area would entail.     

  • Psychology  
  • Criminology  
  • Sociology
  • Performance/screen performance  


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