Practising as a Professional and Feeling and Acting Like a Nurse: my personal reflections and narratives on a career in Nursing.

Professorial Lecture Series

Sir Tom Cowie Campus,

Professor Sheila McQueen, Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing

Sheila McQueen has practised as a Registered General Nurse and a Registered Sick Children’s Nurse for 37 years, and is Professor of Nursing and Continuous Professional Development at the University of Sunderland.

“Nursing is the best career in the world, I have had the best experiences- am privileged to have cared for people and families, and have worked with wonderful role models- some of these experiences are now wonderful memories, which I would like to share with you in this Inaugural lecture.”

“I have acquired and upheld sufficient characteristics to have a personal construct which enables me to act like a nurse and to be accepted as a professional by my colleagues. Professionalism means something to all of us that work as a nurse. Being an inspiring role model, working in the best interests of people in my care, regardless of any position I have held and wherever I practise, is what surely brings practice and professional behaviour together in nursing. I am an ordinary nurse who has been fortunate to have extra-ordinary experience”

In this inaugural lecture, I will hold a conversation with the audience, reflect on the wonderful personal experience that has enabled what I believe is professionalism and what it is to be a nurse. To do this I will focus and reflect on each of the points below relating them to real personal practice experiences and also demonstrate some of this using simulation. The points outline my personal construct of nursing, and how I;

- Support and improve service and care environments by knowing what is ideal or best practice and evidence-informed practice.

- Enable person-centred (and family centred) care.

- Lead professionally, and to develop a clear notion of professional accountability.

- Act as a role model for others, and learn from my own role models.

- Explore and evaluate the scope of professional practice, competence and fitness to practise

- Personally learn and develop continuously, and framing my own professional development within the boundaries of professional practice and facilitating and supporting the learning of others.

Registration and refreshments will take place at 5:30pm and the lecture will run from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

The event is free however places must be booked.

All welcome!


Professorial Lecture Series 2017/18