Pre-hospital cardiac arrest: the pitstop approach, exploring the evidence

Living Lab

City Campus, University of Sunderland

The last in a three-part mini lecture series held at the University of Sunderland, highlighting current research trends and clinical practice guidance.


Update on the current Adrenaline trial, reviewing the Airways 2 trial
Garry Shaw, NEAS research paramedic

Exploring pre hospital cardiac arrests, pit stop approach and case study presentation
Andy Thomas, Chair of BASICS Ambulance North East, Paramedic on the Critical Care Ambulance Response Unit (CARU)

Free and open to all. Tickets available here.

For more information please contact:

Paul Elliott, Senior Lecturer Clinical Skills, Paramedic Practice Program
twitter: @PaulElliott_


Andy Thomas is the Managing Director of CIPHER Medical Consultancy Limited. He clinical practices as a Paramedic on the Critical Care Ambulance Response Unit (CARU) with the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS). He also served 18 years in the Royal Air Force and worked in various locations around the world including multiple tours of Afghanistan and Iraq as part of the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT). Andy is also the chair of the Paramedic Advisory Group for the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care and leads on the development of level 8 practice for paramedics. He is the Chair of BASICS Ambulance North East and is a member of the Trauma Care UK council. In his spare time he enjoys a round of golf.