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Prevent, Surveil, Protect: The fight against terrorism

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The fight against terrorism

We intend to bring together academics, practitioners and civil servants from different disciplines to examine the effects of terrorism and how countries remain vigilant in fighting it.

Since the 9/11 attacks, many countries and their citizens have been significantly impacted by global terrorist movements and groups. Terrorism is no longer a rare occurrence, and international judiciaries and Governments have reacted by introducing strict laws to combat terrorism (Laquer, 2017; White, 1991; Silke, 2008).

This event will explore the impact of terrorist attacks and responses to preventing surveilling and protecting nations from terrorist movements/groups. The event will also examine distinct procedural and evidential issues in policing, the courtroom and policy for Governmental bodies, Parliament, the judiciary, victims and defendants around the globe.


If you have any queries about this event please contact lawsocietyvulpeoplehub@sunderland.ac.uk